Saturday, November 2, 2013

Blonde Ambition's Cardio and Circuit Challenge

Blonde Ambition's Cardio and Circuit Challenge
Step 1:    30 Minutes of your favorite cardio
 (bike, treadmill or elliptical)
Step 2:     Stations  (complete each as quickly as possible)
1.)  1 minute continuous push-ups (real ones!)
2.)  1 minute crunches on ball
3.)  1  minute box jumps
4.)  1 minute lateral raises with 5 lb dumbells (4 moves- front, side, butterfly, breath)
5.)  1 minute twisting crunches on ball (alternate sides)
6.)  1 minute plié jumps (start with knees bent and feet slightly wider than shoulder, jump           and click heels, quickly return feet back to original squat position absorbing your weight as you land)
7.)  1 minute 5 lb continuous shoulder press
8.)  1 minute lower ab leg lifts (lay flat on back with hands palms down under your bottom; in a controlled movement lift legs to 90 degree position and slowly lower back down stopping before you feet touch the ground)
9.)  1 minute jump lunges (start in a lunge position, jump and switch to opposite leg lunge absorbing weight as you land)
10.)  1 minute plank

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