Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sweet Treat Pancakes

Saturday Morning Pancakes

             When Kennedy started school last year, like any household, it was a huge milestone for our family.  Not so much for Kennedy as it was for mom and dad of course!  We were never in a hurry to send her off and treasured our family time together at home.  There was even a time when part of me wondered if I could just homeschool her and savor the fast-fleeting years of childhood; but, the bigger part of me knew traditional schooling was the best fit for for her.  But, less time at home meant that I needed to maximize that time with her as much as possible!  Thus began the tradition of Saturday Morning Pancakes!!!  My little girl spends all week working hard at school so when Saturday morning rolls around, I decided to give her a breakfast that makes her feel as special as I know she is!! It is much easier than it looks! 

All you need are squirt bottles, food coloring and a great imagination! Give it a try this weekend....the possibilities are endless!!!!!

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