Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Chips Ahoy Cookie Delight

Chips Ahoy Cookie Delight

1 package of Chips Ahoy cookies
2 small packages of instant vanilla pudding (prepared and set)
large tub of cool whip
caramel syrup
crushed heath bar candies

1.) Line a 9x13 dish with a layer of chocolate chip cookies
2.) Gently cover with half the pudding mixture and spread evenly to cover all of cookies.
3.) Next, spread on a layer of cool whip, evenly drizzle with caramel and sprinkle a layer of heath bar bits.
4.) Repeat exact layers one more time......cookies, pudding, cool whip, caramel and heath bar bits.

(photo taken during second round of layering process)

5.) Lastly, cover and refrigerate OVERNIGHT! The magic happens during the overnight chilling process when the pudding softens the cookies making this dessert what it is!!

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