Saturday, February 8, 2014

Silky Smooth, Melt-in-your-mouth Sweet Potatoes

How to make a "Silky Smooth, Melt-In-Your-Mouth"
Sweet Potato
    Do you want to know my secret to the best sweet potatoes you've ever tasted?......Well then, I have two words for you.........SLOW COOKER!  It's so easy it's fool-proof and once you try it, you'll never bake or nuke another one of these dandies EVER AGAIN!  (Once you go'll never go "bock"!)  The slow cooking process gently bakes the sweet potato evenly through; including the ends that normally are discarded for their once believed inevitable chewy, sometimes crunchy texture.  But not these babies...they are silky smooth end to end!!  Also, the crockpot holds in ALL the moisture so they are NEVER dried out!  The best part is, you end up having to use less butter, sugar, etc because the natural sweet potato flavor is so scrumptious it results in a dish that not only tastes better but is better for you!  Which is what "With Blonde Ambition" is all about! 

2 Simple Steps
1.) rinse sweet potatoes, pat dry and place in crock pot (I like to use a liner because sometimes the natural sugars in the potato leak out and can stick to the crockpot)
2.)  bake for atleast 6 hours on HIGH (low will not cut it!) Enjoy!

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